29 Nov 2011

Now available early for Christmas, these Filipino kids have been making them all year!
includes credit card nashers and available in black \pink and glow in the universe white

26 Nov 2011

T     R      O      J      A      N
    \/         \/         \/         \/         \/         \/          \/    
like a mountain lion who believes in his own strength and pounces on the finest heifer in a grazing herd.
He breaks her neck with powerful jaws, tears her to pieces and devours her blood and entrails,
while all around him the herdsmen and their dogs create a din but keep their distance through heartily
                                        scarce of him and nothing would induce them to close in.


14 Nov 2011

Thought I would share a few jungle shots from my trip visiting my family in the Philippines.
The first is the tree house next door, the second is a cousin who races his brothers motorbike way too fast 
in the rain with me on the back . . . and i think hes 12 , the third is katibawasan falls close by and beautiful
but I was too scared to swim under the fall . . . . . . .snakes and creeping creatures in the lurking deep not
to mention those fish parasites that swim up your . . . . .when you pee!

4 Nov 2011

 Them   carry   their   mud   on   their   backs  ,  drooping   eyes   covered   in   clay

stare    at   a    lens    in     the    distance   ,   then    looks     back   with    one    eye    to     capture

for   the   folks  back  home  ,  to  lay  back  and  watch  them   carry  their  mud  on  their  backs . .