26 Oct 2011

    p   r   i   v   a   t   e                     l   i   f   e

13 Oct 2011

The Terrible Bloodsuckling Toothpluckling Stonechuckling Spittler,
which  chases its  prey while glowing  clouds  of hot smoke  pour  out of his  nose ,  and  then swallows  them up in one gulp

6 Oct 2011

\            J e l l y b e a n i a    M u l t i c o l o r a t a           /
mabie this pattern will get used oneday ! Theyve just caught a rare jellyfish unseen since 1850 off Japan called the 
Jellybeania Multicolorata The jellyfish squirts large amounts of glycogenial a substance very rare in nature which 
glows neon blue in a cloudy white suspension secreted by the animal. Scientists have also discovered an amazing display of
colours used to attract females. The colour red being most successful colour in attraction

4 Oct 2011

 \\\       Be   a   Good   Bandit      ///

3 Oct 2011

      D      U      N      K       ~     S      P      A     C      E       ~      C       H        I       N       A     

Blood    clot    licking    Boy , Slipping    his    sick    way    through    heaven ,  Kung-Fu   37th    chamber  Fist,
face   through   this,  and   that   head   first  no   brain   actions   dabble  and  dribble  in  ghost  face    fraction