18 Jun 2011

a group of pretty tangled birds,
washed    up   on    the    muddy    banks,
led  astray  by the s ailors   that  lead them on,
who  weighed anchor  on some  wilder shores,

15 Jun 2011

Rolling and rolling the waves would carve beautiful trinkets and gems of the sea,
 In jealousy we wondered Poseidon's garden to be carved ourselves changed forever in the endless oceans,
Flashes of lightening and peals of thunder followed one after the other,
Ripping winds gathered shreds of rain whipping them against the backs of shells,
How such soft water in gargantuan measure could tread so hard on our frail bodies 


14 Jun 2011

The Watinfoolimus
twas a mammal of camel fat, a leather back,
with crocodile shins and the bollocks of dogs,
sporting zebra stripes and the strength of a bear,
It would grump around the beat badger of the beasts,
rolling in honey and pollen bees knees of the business ,

8 Jun 2011

Some sketch book pages i did in the philipines,
a piece of seaweed from the creamy beaches
sandy paper, brittle rice and crispy leaches