31 Mar 2011

 Tin foil men danced around the mouth with no care in the world, where all sorts of fleshy filling grew beneath the gums
An abundance of colour seeped through the fleshy growths 
and the filaments glowed like nothing id never seen

at the weekend il be down in london at the exhibition egaku , you can see it here and come with me      http://www.egaku.org.uk/ its a fine thing to dance and sing

29 Mar 2011

the world originally had ten suns embodied as ten crows, which rose in the sky one at a time. When all ten decided to rise at once   ,      the   effect        was      devastating
 to crops, so the gods sent their greatest archer Houyi  ,  
 who  shot   down   nine   crows   and   spared   only   one

 This is where i spent my early morning walking the narrow walkways of the markets,
There is a giant fruit in the market called a Durian that smells like rotting flesh to some
and to others it smells like the sweet fruit of the gods , monkeys swing trees for miles
around to smell the scent of it. Mixed with sugar the taste is wonderful . . as with anything

28 Mar 2011

Koyote     wondered     the    dreams    of     the    sea   from   his   dry   home

How they would glide through the vast oceans like clouds ina clear blue sky,
Koyote        picked        his       teeth       with       a     pointed       fish      bone

and         sat       back        down       to       a       Koyote       fish           supper

25 Mar 2011

right  now im  visiting  family  in  the  philippines
and il up  date  soon with some photos iv taken,
i    eat  fresh  coconuts and mangoes every day
from       this        huge        market         below