29 Mar 2011

the world originally had ten suns embodied as ten crows, which rose in the sky one at a time. When all ten decided to rise at once   ,      the   effect        was      devastating
 to crops, so the gods sent their greatest archer Houyi  ,  
 who  shot   down   nine   crows   and   spared   only   one

 This is where i spent my early morning walking the narrow walkways of the markets,
There is a giant fruit in the market called a Durian that smells like rotting flesh to some
and to others it smells like the sweet fruit of the gods , monkeys swing trees for miles
around to smell the scent of it. Mixed with sugar the taste is wonderful . . as with anything

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  1. Hey, hope you're well and having a good time in the Philippines. A zine swap sounds ace, I'm trying to make a few more soon for Bristol Book Fair, which I hope will turn out ok xx