26 Jul 2010

iv spent the last weeks with two great tinnarians from tyrol austria , together we searched the VATTENFALL factory in berlin, where six empty chambers were found that looked like they were old crude oil chambers, inside them it was dusty and dark and even the smallest of noises echoed to great roars. we spent about 8 hours in the early morning chanting different sounds and as the sun started to rise we climbed the outside of the chambers and sat on the roof tops,
although the sight of vattenfal was strange and ugly it was also beautiful in a way,

tress can grow anywhere!

21 Jul 2010

          gentrify  . . . . stumbling by 
a way of passing time,
                   jumping bars and drinking wine,
          bottom jars and bottles dry,

                      mouths increase your weekly hours
                       less of them are workmans trousers
                         beware of the capital front vanguard
                         and always protect your family cards

1 Jul 2010

bitter. . . .sour , salted sweet

behind the crocodile smile between the razor white nips,
tipped with red licked roads and blood soaked lips,
beyond the tongue twisted sour and bitter taste strip,
their lies the soft spot tonsils and in between our friendship