31 May 2010

she was a witch.                                                               
she was a good witch, and she married the white mouse 
. .with the tiny red eyes . . and he must have nibbled her 
warts , or something like that , because she went up in a 
puff of smoke almost immediately , and all  that was left 
aside  from  some  wart  medicine  , was  a  big  fat will . .

24 May 2010

in another dark place
in     the    wilderness
with the stoats in all
the undergrowth

22 May 2010

become a second other

one  my  left  hand it said  in black ink,bold helvetica and the other hand read  the  letter  A , Id begin my day with three checks of reality one  at  breakfast ,  lunch and before i slept ,the monotonous segments of a day, Id lay my head to rest on the left hand my slumber, and more than  often  id  wake  up  on  my  right  hand   awaken  .  .  .  .

20 May 2010

 In the shower two heads talking, and one body washing
this boy . . .he had two heads, it was of course not usual at all
but i didnt question him. . .them, mainly because he. . . it spoke in french
it was so strange that soon it wasnt even there anymore i saw streight through it
my mind didn't recognize it to exist . . . no gender no plural not even it . .  anymore . .

I switched on the shower and started washing 
I spoke to my second head in french . . . .
. . . . . . so it didnt question me

17 May 2010

Oh! do you even know what your looking for?  between glass and drum , between earth and tongue
If i could choose again id have mine rare over well done, 
but you tricked my thoughts and i eat my girl well over well done
What have you done today? resist what you tried to do yesterday?
stop walking on the bubble wrap road
it makes my ears pop and my body stops
words can be skin deep too
Beelitz on the weekends,

9 May 2010

on the other side on your down
cream dreams lay all around
trampled wood treading softly
snowflake paint falling on me
naked roof tops on our way
these walls stumble, my legs crumble
our shoes are left
our minds play

 dark black boots, lace them up tightly around my ankles,  use my legs because my head isnt enough

8 May 2010

                These are all photos from Beelitz a small abandoned town just outside of Berlin,
                     we trampled through damp wood treading softly, breathing in flaked paint


               It's very rude to stare!
               Oh! I'm sorry, I was just wondering which door to choose.

5 May 2010

May day has recently past, i arrived at berlin 7am to greeting of riot police and protesters with flags and billboards and all sorts of visual displays of beliefs and ideals. An old man walks buy carrying a case of his beliefs with electric light.

4 May 2010

shoes fantasia, with my new camera in paris stop of MARIE D'IVRY visiting Adélaïde

3 May 2010

lets just imitate the real until we find something else