24 Mar 2010

the sun is shining
the teeth are glowing!
even now at night 
people are smiling!

9 Mar 2010

i will be visually unappearing from now, as i need geld.
today i climbed some scaffolding and watched a building crumble just by the Berghain . . . . it was beautiful,
Iv now decided to practice modern alchemy and im leaving my pens papers. . . never friends

κλέπτειν kleptomania

5 Mar 2010

Summer troubles whats your in,
starts the bruises before love begins,
collect the bites between your skin,
Winter troubles whats your in,

3 Mar 2010

chillai like a villain with ben, listening to some jazz in a cafe, the monkeys played like people.

2 Mar 2010

"You said there were cities, beneath glass floors. Does that mean that the sky is made of glass? 
What if the sky broke?" "if the glass of the sky shatters, and shards reflecting sun fall to my city , ill sit in the fields watching danger and glitter , we'l be there sipping tea as pools of blood form around you and me."
what we do is secret under masked paint and pen,
but you dont have to be afraid of the golden arrows, 
they have feathers and dream like flying sparrows,

Too many berliner partys this weekend. And i was feeling like a bit of a non social crow
 building a shell of unsocialness the whole week. But my shell was cracked after i met a
 brown wren , she was a bit strange . . . in the best of ways and a brown wren was alot
 more interesting than the other pigeons in the turkish bath club.  A nice suprise she had a slight punk kick to her personality and wore her mothers old dress with a germsbadge

1 Mar 2010

the ghost of history, no time in my desire,
painted shapes to add to my colour empire
with flattened trees that hold me down
il  live  in  my  broken  colour  town,

The party page done at WOAH, a gallery and interactive space here in Berlin run by a 
family of KNIGHTS,  I recorded two conversations, one A side and one B side. the 
conversations were mixed and the best ine was