27 Feb 2010

You give me glass houses, you give me glass schools, you leave me with a bunch of rock throwing fools,

26 Feb 2010

There  was  no  light ,  just  the  sounds  of  rolling  waves ,
I    wasnt    sure    what    they    were    doing    at    first .
Perhaps  dancing  to  an  ocean  waltz ,  calving  new  shells .
But the only wanted shells calved, were calved for themselves.
Life drawing with Kristen at the Endless Centre For Progress. The coloured patterns behind were done while in a cafe, part of Berlins first gay squat! bodies and patterns. 

25 Feb 2010

This week was a walk down penny lane, Luis played again and this time it was mega think.... 

24 Feb 2010

done to the graceful luis's music, he composed nearby with other musiciansTIPTAPTOE

23 Feb 2010

lock those new indie deers in neo-doughnut love and throw them to the brazilian dream
this is my new book! i scrapped the ends of matches off and piled them up into a circle, there on the right you can see a hole... a pink hole a scar from the flames. At Stefanos with Rocio, eating morrocan cous

22 Feb 2010

I have a new  book  now, thats  just  about  the  end  of  this  one,
Its  about  time  this  furr   coat   was  getting  a  bit .....  matted.
youl  be up to date soon, this time we are going LANDSCAPE
BEYOND SCAPE and back to new things meetings and people
My friend composer luis is an amazing piano player!
we are working on plans to ruin your mind with the eyes the ears and bodys

21 Feb 2010

life → our choices    individual experiences   outlook on life  the way we see reality → formed ideals and philosophies → Idea → Process of Ideas → Product

20 Feb 2010

Overseer Speaks in Baby Talk, So we See and Taste before we Walk
Something is happening to us, and it happens through our choices,
We don't notice it, its taken for granted, in fact this happening is . . .
Unchangeable  in  immaterial  idea  but  forever  changing  physically.
It is one, and yet individually different. Choose the life lion not the digital.

19 Feb 2010

At  the top of the world is an island a place where the sun never shines , But the people dont care because the snow over there is so bright   that   the   suns   in   their   minds . .
You  see  those  who  wore  hats  never  lost  their  dreams , 
and those who didnt, their dreams only ever came back as rain, 

18 Feb 2010

Once upon a time there was a lazy Walrus, he sat by the beach all day sleeping to sunsets and waking to sunrises. One sunrise a Suited Sardine flapped over to the Lazy Walrus, he was a busy Suited Sardine and managed to have a spare 5 minutes before hitting the business tin in the deep deep sea. He asked the Lazy Walrus "why do you sit all day by the beach without a care in the world, when you could be working hard in the deep deep sea?" The Lazy Walrus replied with a yawn "i'm not too sure,why do you work all day in the deep deep sea?" The Suited Sardine smugly replied "thats easy,so that later when i'm older il have enough money to be lazy. . . sit by the sea . . . without a care 
in the world"   a short story made with Geffen , i think started in Nils (The best falafel in East Berlin)
wallowing   in   a   residency   of   spacial   stars,
swimming in galactic ripples of jupiter and mars,
some beautiful words from Geffen again, shes a bit of a language wizz, HEBREW , CATALAN, GERMAN, ITALIEN an emissary of culture. I also met a fellow illustrator in Berlin, the lazy cat! This walrus head was also drawn from an old bath house in Berlin. It shot out water through its mouth while i wallowed and swam round its ripples.

17 Feb 2010

Like it when we spin in his smokey grin , 
twisting round  in  his  polluting  clouds ,
started in scotland edinburghs heritage museum , just before the new years . This page was forgotten a short while and was revisited by Geffens colours my good friend from school who got me set off in Berlin when she used to live here. Then the page was adorned with a backdrop description of newyears,

16 Feb 2010

The Department Of Primal Domestic Disturbances
The truth is I have no idea what this page is about, But i can analyse it using past knowledge of memory. DOGS - well when you walk down east Berlin all youl find is an abundance of punks with dogs, infact i believe this dog is SET an egyptian god of the night, but i have no idea if set is a dog or not! perhaps a Camel with Canine teeth BUT tubelord joe has written something in purple its very subliminal! "ALL THESE GODS ARE TRAPPED WILLY WONKAS SHOE"

"Its not everyday a camel fits through the eye of a needle"
mathew:19,23-24    mark:10,24-25     luke:18,24-25     castro:19:84
Blue was the night, . . .thoughts. . .  we drank those apples together,
wed climb so high the seeds would fall through our hungry stomachs, .
the seed started shooting and made little knots around
our  knees ,   our  feet  scrunched  in  the  dirt ,  we  could
feel  the  dirt  in  between  our  toes .  grow  grow  grow
It  was  frightening  at  first  you  could  see  it  in  her  eyes ,
But the vines only held us closer I could feel her warm skin on mine
Flowers  grew  and  she  only  got  prettier ,
and her legs grew taller the light would reflect off them in mornings
 and you could see them glisten in the morning dew,
Passwords and forms and applications informations on all sorts of flattened dead trees reside in my head, they are taking up invaluable space that could be used to invent ingenious ways to safely trap mice. But no Mr Modern and his flashy silk fish suit ask for it. This page started out as a drawing of a large chinaman on the bus, then the theme of mice killing was introduced when a nice lass emmie had some small visitors in her flat, along with these visitors came small tasks " TO KILL A MOUSE" The page then ended with some food at a squat called FISCH LADEN we ate together with dogs cheap food that looked like frogs.

15 Feb 2010

I am left in a lost battle through the education systems of Her Majesty's Great England.
I am not words nor images but numbers in an input machine of luck,
"We are heavily oversubscribed with nearly 1700 applications"
I am one of one thousandseven hundred. Don't Panic! 
Her Majesty said to me well file you with the rest, and il send you
a kind formal letter with , " dears" and "sirs" and "regards" . . . it will be spledid! . . .
But if you do manage to be one of our lucky winners we'll be sure to hand you a certificate . . .perhaps even gold stars, you can show them to your next employer so they know youv been a golden boy, so they know you have been refined in our filters, our filters of education, Where we give you everything in life, some gold some legs to come home to perhaps a dog and a roof. DONT WORRY SHE SAID DONT PANIC HE SAID

14 Feb 2010

we cannot sleep for we have no eye lids, the light contructs my visions,
vibrations    construct    the    songs    but    the    sirens    sing    it    wrong,
when will you stop drawing the light, when will you stop listening and talk instead,
create  the  vibrations  create  the  visions ,  before  they've  finished  it  all, 
youl sleep silicone forever if you wait,

Luis López Sancho, a genetics professor by profession a composer by way of life and tall friendly genius to the our collective. Jesús Espuña, an advertiser by profession, works days in marketing and at night a freedom fighter for love, my roommate to my left, Micol Singarella, wendy to most of the lost children of Berlin, by day she works in marketing by night she is the singer of the beautiful Sick Maries, The thunder storm in all good caves of music and shes my room mate to the right........what would i do with out my mind ,my right and left hands

If you didnt know, its the chinese new year, YEAR OF THE TIGER. And equally important its CARNIVAL a festival celebrated by latinos where everybody dresses up. We brought this to the cold streets of Berlin, my flatmates have a band called The Sick Maries, whos live act will blow your mind, its somewhere between a lightning storm in a Glam Rock Disco and they played yesterday night.
I think the only way i could have a better time is to float to the stars on Willy Wonka's fizzy lifting drinks with some good friends. We went to a cave, a cave of lights and music with strange animals dancing in the hollows. It looked like some sort of old metro tunnel but it was strange for a middle aged man had an underground shop that nobody went to right by where we were dancing, There was one giant metalic door to it and inside pool tables and seats food and wine. But only all for him. This time he invited us in. . . . . . . . . . .

13 Feb 2010

Tonight we go out to fight electronic animals in four flight lightspeed discos, il upload the  other photos  i  took on my electric  monster  that  captures  light  with  its  eyes tomorrow, TOMORROW EYES

12 Feb 2010

in two days we enter the year of the Tiger of the chinese zodiac calendar,
and it is the metalic tiger, Get those economy pills while there still around

11 Feb 2010

This was a creation i did when i arrived in Scotland, it was a terrible time but Arezoo saved me by letting me sleep on her couch a week before christmas. The drawing was a combination of words i started in stockholm, characters we drew together at Arezoos place and also some coffee shop work that was finished in Berlin. Three countries one page, there are so many layers, a layer of patterns and strange faces from arezoo, a layer done with help from Jesus my friend in Berlin and Neighbour. And finish ups done with tea and coffe breaks in Berlin o and we watched CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG!
The page below was a description of the horrible journey to scotland from stockholm, I never get headaches but i did that day. valves needed loosening in my head.

10 Feb 2010

Brocken spells and stolen skills, Walking feet and sleeping pills,
Coincidences    I    create    impossible    to    calculate,
I   crunch    those   numbers ,   I   write   on   walls,
I watch them crumble, Until my next traveling slumber,

9 Feb 2010

three   feet   deep   and    week   at   the   knees,
her body lies in mine , we are calved in the seas,