28 Jan 2010

A photo i took in corridors of the trainstation walkways in Milano in july, The train station is amazing, like Notre Dame in the 1400s poor people lay outside, but instead of gypsys , educated african worker immigrants. I liked the reflection of this photo and the old lady walking away slowly with only her reflection to accompany her. The rich and poor divide is huge and hidden in Milano .  A place not worth visiting unless you want to spend 100,000 on a ferrari to drive past more educated poor people than yourself,

27 Jan 2010

This is the last post for a little, perhaps. My feet are moving again. This is a very non realistic drawing of the Duomo in Florence, Italy a gold statue curls around it with the mickey mouse head that was found on a tourists hat! I have no idea why the words CHINA     MUGS has been written below it!

26 Jan 2010

before she whispered
i care i care,
i ran through stubborn thorned forests
Ignoring the painted signs,
beware beware,
a great crimson fox
who's legs stood tall locked
i stare i stare,
the nights got colder , we gathered wood
and we sat by fire ,he whispered to me
shes a liar, a liar 
I stroked his fur coat for it was all that 
was there to embrace,
but when i stumbled back it was all to late
she had left no trace
you see i left that tricky fox no tip,
and if you dont pay him well
hel drag you to hell nevermind that
thorned forest of love,

this was a plan made in croatia after meeting my beautiful swedish friends. the idea was to create a miniature utopia island. Out of found crates and used plastic bottles bottles. Id then use hessian mesh and grass seeds to create a small grass square which id place small houses on. There would be a large pole down the centre used as a rudder but also a sail so the island could float away in the wind, this would be disguised as a lighthouse. Im listening to LULLATONE and so should you if you want to get to sleep tonight.

25 Jan 2010

The gold in these pieces came from an ink bottle from the canals in Venice. I was obsessed with gold at one point in this trip everything had a splash of gold, The middle piece was a drawing of some ancient ruins , where an afrikan man lay blowing 'O's  with his pipe. I watched a delightfull western tonight, i stole a quote from it

24 Jan 2010

I bought this gold in Italy, in a wax sealed bottle. It was probably made by Gepettos long lost bearded four fathers. I lost it after summer, it resides somewhere hidden in mister malarkys flat. Im sure hel produce some gold sheets of lust soon. Im sitting in the living room i sleep in , cora the dog stefano and rocio have moved into their new home. They took their stuff and left a shell. Il miss those spanish puppets perhaps youl find me in summer traveling with them in their van. Im here, with Clara the maker of leather bum bags and Luis the once genetic professor now turned musical composer by the magic of berlin and  two new guests from Barcelona ....we just watched BELLEVILLE RENDEVOUZ i saw it a while ago but watching it again now i had so much more appreciation. I dont think people leave their pajamas here, because they are always living in bedroom sleep bubbles

I heard you started smoking . . . . . your sleeping under thin ice,
The walls will crack and the ceiling will break, 
They're just chances well take,
until we realise the children were only joking,
Joking . . . you must be Joking
il stay up till dawn ,  il sleep only to dream,
Wel climb mountains of colour, and climb like no other
YOU SEE I only eat treats so when I fall it tastes sweet

23 Jan 2010

For the next week till i reach the beutifull ice caves of sweden you shall recieve the reminents of past sketchbooks! This ones from the pages of drawings done in RIMINI , a statue in the town centre. I went to Rimini in august just before me and Gepetto traveled to Rome. If you look to past blogs youl see some work we did on the walls of an amazing building which was possibly an abandoned school.

20 Jan 2010

As you know we could have had everything
When          theres       everyone         to        see , 
And        theres         archetypes         to       be   ,
The beggar,  the thief , a working man and the king,
Here i sleep with a man, a woman and their loyal dog,
When   we  placed   our   golden   cloths   under  others,
The times we overlooked the small things that we took,
The     days       we      worked      for        nothing ,
And the times we spent mountains  of gold,
As you know we never knew we had it all,

a poem i wrote after realising my blogs being a stale biscuit of late, and looking at lakshmitas poems made me want to write again, even though i lost my writing book. This is dedicated to CORA the dog RUTHIO and STEFANO a man a woman and their loyal dog. 
i keep loosing things , but i dont worry and i find them again! last night i lost the last of my money 100 euros after that i have nothing! but today it was found in a cafe in berlin! PEOPLE ARE SO HONEST!
so im happy now. Iv been a bad updater this last week because iv been working 5 days in some sort of abandoned factory doing manual labour setting up rooms and constructing things. The work is terrible for i only earn 2.50 euros an hour. But it puts earning into perspective ! a tea in a cafe is one hours work!!! SO iv been living cheap lately but creativly i am destroyedddddd! So when i get my weeks wages im splashing out on tea and biscuits and colouring my sketchbook,

NEXT WEEK I HEAD BACK TO STOCKHOLM for a few days, to pick up my scanner and other traveling objects like fat swedish jumpers! MMMMMMMMM YUM posca posca pens

18 Jan 2010

these two photos are by the wonderfull junglefull Arezoo, its stuff youv seen before through new camera lenses, il get some more up soon seen as i have no way to up date this blog with images,
I go back to stockholm soon with my spaniard friends, there is 11 of us if you have space to fit us. There i will pick up my scanner , pens and unfortunatly not my friends. But il see those beutifull illustrating faces soon. Joakim and Hanna anderson visited me the other day i was too busy to stay with them with work but i managed to take them to TACHILES a popular art squat here in Berlin and although so wonderfull is becoming a victim of capitalism

14 Jan 2010

some paintings iv started, yes it is close to a skittles advert , but not quite so im going to smash in some more colours soon!         BERLIN         WILL       PROVIDE      yes       its       true         berlin       will        give       you         anything.
Already im wearing found woman leather gloves, and a new set of Nike airs. I cant tell you just how many clothes , furniture and canvases youl find in berlin. Iv raided a few bin for scrap wood, and with the use of a saw that this house has iv               been              cutting               these                perfect                canvases               below             out            of cuboards.
Tomoro i work at the berlin fashion week. il spend my money on new pens and a scanner! So i can flash you some of my sketchbook               that                     i                 can          proudly               say            is                   almost             finished!!!
goodnight               berlin ,            see          you     when      the      sun rises. for now il sleep to the braveheart soundtrack

12 Jan 2010

FORMS, layouts , recipts , layers , suits , certificates, one day the film BRAZIL will come true! BECAUSE slowly it is already, our lives reliant on unreliant machines. The last two days, iv spent on the phone to the bank wasting time with robotic voices and when they were human , i might aswell have been talking to stiff faced monkeys doing what the lion told them. So i have 2 euros left and i cant get money out the bank because the system has buggered up and my card doesnt work , so now i dont know what, i have to return to the united kingdom to sort it out,  i should berry my gold instead of leaving it to these tin men ............... ............... ..... ....................................... damn suited tin men take me to your king

11 Jan 2010

MALARKY PARTY with jeezt creezy, this morning in berlin SONNY ROLLINS , if you havnt heard his jazzy black ass get down on it, because your feet will skip skidaddle like youv never skidaddled before. Today my jelotenous mind is in thought, and in that thought germanic  barbarians are fighting hand in hand with swedish vikings.

10 Jan 2010

this is the secret town me and Azeroo made at night,
 a town of dreams at night a long skinny crow came
 to steal  them,  he  would  hide them in his  top hat!
 not  to  eat them but   to take  them  to  other towns 
that  had  little  fortune  when it came  to dreaming ,

8 Jan 2010

This is a piece i did before i left edinburgh in the forest, an independent cafe, venue hairdressing globule of creation, i had to rush because my friend arezoo had suprises for me, and later that night we made a city! but thats a story for tomorrow because i dont have a scanner! to update my blog anymore but il get to it as soon as i burst the bubble berlin has created around myself.

6 Jan 2010

yesterday we shook off the aching bones, opened orange rocky eyes and started creating,
FRIENDS geffen isreali of origin, and stefano from italy, i had only a few euros left my bank wont let me get any more money out but friends here are paying my way, i spent the last of my euros on buying breakfast in bed. which consisted of banana and yogurt , banana and waffle, and fresh unwrapped banana. you get this horrible coating in your mouth after you eat too much banana !
its truly horribleee. i need to find things to do walls to draw people to eat
this is my recent paste up,

5 Jan 2010

so iv spent the last week in the realm of desire,  spending 70 hours asleep and another 70 out in dancing on floors flooded with light. On new years eve the streets of berlin were a warzone again! The south side of a street would fire their boom sticks to the north side and both sides would drop fire bombs on walkers below. I dared to walk a 100 metres without flinching! The night life here never stops and has endless varieties of cloths and patterns. IV NEGLECTED EVERYTHINGGGG!!!! my yoga stopped i started eating wild game again and my sketchbook has run dry of colour and writing. But today i found a glimmer of inspiration! I woke up in a pile of sleeping faces,
i ran outside to make them breakfast...... yogurt and banana slices with waffles i then traveled to buy ink and a brush and big paper and iv started my first berlin paste and finished it too! RAVI SHAKUR 

these are extracts from something i finished in stockholm, a story of erised and nosaer, two brothers on the search for a golden egg of succession ,  USE YOUR VOICE MAKE A CHOICE FOR YOUR SOUL