22 Jun 2010

The     archer    and    his    hands    lost    his    mind    in    her    dream   lands  , 

watering  her  gardens  to  watch  them  grow ,  awaits   an  answer  just  to  know

something  from  a  new  sketchbook  theres  a  story  awaiting .  .  .  .  made  spontaneously  by  a  spontaneous  friend  i met spontaneously at  a  market  on  sunday, i warn you its out there its farfetched but its as  real  style  as  it could  be !  I went and bought myself a  6 am  breakfast for me and the guy who sleeps at my stairs,  the  air  is  warm  and  i  can  feel  some  sort  of chemical fusion between everybody in Berlin                                                                                                          


  1. oh.
    i wish i could paint like you.


  2. ah nice man, the tops ones really strong, I like both of these.