20 May 2010

 In the shower two heads talking, and one body washing
this boy . . .he had two heads, it was of course not usual at all
but i didnt question him. . .them, mainly because he. . . it spoke in french
it was so strange that soon it wasnt even there anymore i saw streight through it
my mind didn't recognize it to exist . . . no gender no plural not even it . .  anymore . .

I switched on the shower and started washing 
I spoke to my second head in french . . . .
. . . . . . so it didnt question me


  1. beautiful windows
    precious stairs and walls
    I'm under the impression that two heads give you magic-eyes.

  2. I really love your work...it seems amazing to me, is becaouse of that i am going to follow you.

    I saw your blog adress in a wall near to a bar called Forest in Edinburg, where i am having a great summer days.