6 Feb 2010

this was drawn at a gig in landet , a place i used to live by in telefonplan. This guy had a huge quiff and was lead singer in a choir of 5 the rest dressed as strange as him.         ICH BIN KEROTINE
from my desk i see,........a crow on the top of my roof,   i stare at her through the red tubes of a vase...... music screams and trumpets sound its flight to the ground, Some strange jewelry sand paper and drained tubes of energy are in the drawer of the table i sit at. the dust sticks to my fingers, so i find one of mans monsters, a sucking monster to suck the dirt out.   Yes,..... man is good at taming electric beasts
Im now at a squat full of artists and anarchists. There is a mix of old and young latinos crammed in a small space, so small the room dances together like a coral reef. Thats what Berlin is... a coral reef of culture. The room is so hot and the air outside so cold that when the door opens a cloak of smoke surrounds you. my feet got tired of moving and my body from grooving, so im sat here in bed 8.30 am

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