17 Feb 2010

Like it when we spin in his smokey grin , 
twisting round  in  his  polluting  clouds ,
started in scotland edinburghs heritage museum , just before the new years . This page was forgotten a short while and was revisited by Geffens colours my good friend from school who got me set off in Berlin when she used to live here. Then the page was adorned with a backdrop description of newyears,


  1. no, havent seen El Topo.
    is it that good?

    i want to see your new treasures the projector and the uv light, hehe :))

    thanks for your encouraging words, i kinda need it right now, you are so nice to me!!!!

    ah, yes, i want to live free too like you! :D
    you seem to have a lot of friends, its good, d'you know that you're so great? im happy to meet you.

    what is The Knifes opera?
    i didnt know that the fruits are horrible there...

    puss o kram! ;))

  2. your comments are too kind as usual mita :)