18 Feb 2010

Once upon a time there was a lazy Walrus, he sat by the beach all day sleeping to sunsets and waking to sunrises. One sunrise a Suited Sardine flapped over to the Lazy Walrus, he was a busy Suited Sardine and managed to have a spare 5 minutes before hitting the business tin in the deep deep sea. He asked the Lazy Walrus "why do you sit all day by the beach without a care in the world, when you could be working hard in the deep deep sea?" The Lazy Walrus replied with a yawn "i'm not too sure,why do you work all day in the deep deep sea?" The Suited Sardine smugly replied "thats easy,so that later when i'm older il have enough money to be lazy. . . sit by the sea . . . without a care 
in the world"   a short story made with Geffen , i think started in Nils (The best falafel in East Berlin)

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