22 Feb 2010

I have a new  book  now, thats  just  about  the  end  of  this  one,
Its  about  time  this  furr   coat   was  getting  a  bit .....  matted.
youl  be up to date soon, this time we are going LANDSCAPE
BEYOND SCAPE and back to new things meetings and people
My friend composer luis is an amazing piano player!
we are working on plans to ruin your mind with the eyes the ears and bodys


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xxoA8jgIW8

    thinking of you b.

  2. im muscling in on this post to say that your new header is b.e.a.utiful x

  3. rach your new head is beautiful , new head of hair that is!
    i miss you guys muchos, you too jacky where are you skype?