15 Feb 2010

I am left in a lost battle through the education systems of Her Majesty's Great England.
I am not words nor images but numbers in an input machine of luck,
"We are heavily oversubscribed with nearly 1700 applications"
I am one of one thousandseven hundred. Don't Panic! 
Her Majesty said to me well file you with the rest, and il send you
a kind formal letter with , " dears" and "sirs" and "regards" . . . it will be spledid! . . .
But if you do manage to be one of our lucky winners we'll be sure to hand you a certificate . . .perhaps even gold stars, you can show them to your next employer so they know youv been a golden boy, so they know you have been refined in our filters, our filters of education, Where we give you everything in life, some gold some legs to come home to perhaps a dog and a roof. DONT WORRY SHE SAID DONT PANIC HE SAID


  1. You're sketch book pages are sooo good!

  2. thanks zachy baby, i hope ilustration at uni is going well
    mabie il join you someday!