18 Jan 2010

these two photos are by the wonderfull junglefull Arezoo, its stuff youv seen before through new camera lenses, il get some more up soon seen as i have no way to up date this blog with images,
I go back to stockholm soon with my spaniard friends, there is 11 of us if you have space to fit us. There i will pick up my scanner , pens and unfortunatly not my friends. But il see those beutifull illustrating faces soon. Joakim and Hanna anderson visited me the other day i was too busy to stay with them with work but i managed to take them to TACHILES a popular art squat here in Berlin and although so wonderfull is becoming a victim of capitalism


  1. Oh Dear, what message?
    you seem so busy... ;)))

    i didnt know you have fam in the Philippines... stop by my country ok, i'll make you some tea.
    hum :))

    i want to live in that cloud town tooooo!!!
    nice pics btw...

  2. i cannot believe i am one of your stalkers now
    :D lol