14 Jan 2010

some paintings iv started, yes it is close to a skittles advert , but not quite so im going to smash in some more colours soon!         BERLIN         WILL       PROVIDE      yes       its       true         berlin       will        give       you         anything.
Already im wearing found woman leather gloves, and a new set of Nike airs. I cant tell you just how many clothes , furniture and canvases youl find in berlin. Iv raided a few bin for scrap wood, and with the use of a saw that this house has iv               been              cutting               these                perfect                canvases               below             out            of cuboards.
Tomoro i work at the berlin fashion week. il spend my money on new pens and a scanner! So i can flash you some of my sketchbook               that                     i                 can          proudly               say            is                   almost             finished!!!
goodnight               berlin ,            see          you     when      the      sun rises. for now il sleep to the braveheart soundtrack


  1. I helped a designer here for the berlin fashion week!

  2. these are WELL voodoo magic.
    Stefan's eye creature is glorious.

    See you there soon.
    How long until you leave?

  3. omg.
    i havent been here since... forever.
    how are you?
    no, more important is: where are youuu??? :)))
    btw i LOOOVE all your paintings...