5 Jan 2010

so iv spent the last week in the realm of desire,  spending 70 hours asleep and another 70 out in dancing on floors flooded with light. On new years eve the streets of berlin were a warzone again! The south side of a street would fire their boom sticks to the north side and both sides would drop fire bombs on walkers below. I dared to walk a 100 metres without flinching! The night life here never stops and has endless varieties of cloths and patterns. IV NEGLECTED EVERYTHINGGGG!!!! my yoga stopped i started eating wild game again and my sketchbook has run dry of colour and writing. But today i found a glimmer of inspiration! I woke up in a pile of sleeping faces,
i ran outside to make them breakfast...... yogurt and banana slices with waffles i then traveled to buy ink and a brush and big paper and iv started my first berlin paste and finished it too! RAVI SHAKUR 

these are extracts from something i finished in stockholm, a story of erised and nosaer, two brothers on the search for a golden egg of succession ,  USE YOUR VOICE MAKE A CHOICE FOR YOUR SOUL

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