24 Jan 2010

I bought this gold in Italy, in a wax sealed bottle. It was probably made by Gepettos long lost bearded four fathers. I lost it after summer, it resides somewhere hidden in mister malarkys flat. Im sure hel produce some gold sheets of lust soon. Im sitting in the living room i sleep in , cora the dog stefano and rocio have moved into their new home. They took their stuff and left a shell. Il miss those spanish puppets perhaps youl find me in summer traveling with them in their van. Im here, with Clara the maker of leather bum bags and Luis the once genetic professor now turned musical composer by the magic of berlin and  two new guests from Barcelona ....we just watched BELLEVILLE RENDEVOUZ i saw it a while ago but watching it again now i had so much more appreciation. I dont think people leave their pajamas here, because they are always living in bedroom sleep bubbles

I heard you started smoking . . . . . your sleeping under thin ice,
The walls will crack and the ceiling will break, 
They're just chances well take,
until we realise the children were only joking,
Joking . . . you must be Joking
il stay up till dawn ,  il sleep only to dream,
Wel climb mountains of colour, and climb like no other
YOU SEE I only eat treats so when I fall it tastes sweet

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  1. heheh :D
    you may check yer inbox!

    'so when I fall it tastes sweet'... you make me cry :))