20 Jan 2010

As you know we could have had everything
When          theres       everyone         to        see , 
And        theres         archetypes         to       be   ,
The beggar,  the thief , a working man and the king,
Here i sleep with a man, a woman and their loyal dog,
When   we  placed   our   golden   cloths   under  others,
The times we overlooked the small things that we took,
The     days       we      worked      for        nothing ,
And the times we spent mountains  of gold,
As you know we never knew we had it all,

a poem i wrote after realising my blogs being a stale biscuit of late, and looking at lakshmitas poems made me want to write again, even though i lost my writing book. This is dedicated to CORA the dog RUTHIO and STEFANO a man a woman and their loyal dog. 


  1. Dear, actually it's lakhsmita... :))
    but please, do write more.
    im here waiting.

  2. yeah, ok, my word verification was FLUSH...
    is someone trying to say something here?