28 Dec 2009

i woke up this morning to my feline four legged friend opal, she pawed my door open and curled to sleep on my back like a deer in a warm forest. iv found some memories of stockholm some last photos i took of stockholm and a magical shaman mask. and some other things i found, like a burger menu that lit up and an giant icecream advertisement i want to make into a light, the photo is the last one i took of stockholm before snow

'our winter season was here'
The  seasons    unfolded   the   trees, 
the   cities   grew   white  rose   skin, 
and the people dressed in tinted lips,
through  the  windows i saw her face,
my limbs  stretched   out to embrace,
but      in     the     steamy    windows  
her   footsteps   left  untraced.............

26 Dec 2009

me malarky p and sune, painting   behind    the   sage,
the  old black blocks  it  was pretty cold the blizzards
just  hit newcastle but this warm volcano of steel and
 fire  kept  the fingertips warm and the heart  beating,
 we       got     them       finished       in      the      end, 
click       the       link        to     see      sunes       piece
Stretch  those   fingers   Reach  the  top  45º

25 Dec 2009

around the white ridge mountains,  beyond the snow fell wind drop,
across the paddy fields and frowning bridges,
where the rivers cradle the straw shores and a mountain of sticks shadows a small town 

two boys erised and nosaer hibernate as their minds gather dust,
living the same lives doing the same things......

a short kids story i finished but the pictures are too big to scan, theres also a song where it all origonated from where gepetto silver whisks his magic

24 Dec 2009

me and Malarkee P went to the back of the baltic and spraypainted this althought its alot bigger mark hasnt finished outlining his snow man feeding me jelly so il post the final one up as soon as hes finished.
We used the dregs of the cans malarkee had so every colour has a different shade, mind you i cheated alot by outlining in pen ! but im not a children of the can , my skills arnt good enough. im not sure i felt my character, but my hands were cold and i couldnt feel anything anyway! So much snow snow! and its time to go go

I  suprised my family today! i just visited them on christmas eve at 11pm, they didnt know id be back in the country ......i crept into the house dressed as santa!........ i did scare my family more than suprise them.
my cat opal brought me a mouse present, thanks cat. as i put the mouse in the bin i saw a shooting star on christmas eve ! iv been creativly lacking again

21 Dec 2009

I stole a piece of art today, it was from the baltic today..........thats the tate for the geordies! < people from newcastle, it was a wonderfull piece but i couldnt afford it due to the monopoly of christmas. So i cold heartidly took it withot paying THE SNOW MUST HAVE FROZEN MY HEART 
The print was done by SERIPOP they are inspiring and amazing!!!!! JUST CHECK OUT THAT OLDSCHOOL ANIMATION!i hope my finding didnt hurt their profit sales too much it was selling for 50 and was a bit grubby but the design totally worth it....
but if you see this and hate me mabie i can give you some money personally :) if you let me collaborate

so wev been painting again behind the Sage thats a big building just behind me when i took this photo!
you can see some of the grafiti on the wall below and one is my piece although not as good  

20 Dec 2009

the week i did this i felt like a tourist for the first time in stockholm, my mam came to visit for a short time, her legs are small and it took us soooo long to walk around stockholm. we managed to get to the VASSA museum, the ship was beautiful , but its history pretty boring ....the ship set sail for about 20 mins and started to sink because it was buily wrongly by the ship master who died before he even got to see it sail! or not sail as how it was. I will be updating old images for a while as iv left my scanner at Klaras swedish house of family tradition along with all my other possessions like the burger menu thats lit up or the icecream cone advertisement the size of myself! iv just brushed my teeth with green glitter, dribbled it down my top to stain its plain appearance and im now watching the christmas tree protect my presents with its magic glow! THE SWEDISH KING SENDS US GIFTS EVERY YEAR, A GREEN CONIFEROUS PLANT, THAT WE SET AFLAME WITH ELECTRICITY
nesta mariatorget

18 Dec 2009


Im back! i was in scotland a short time but i was cold and the snow wasnt beautiful swedish snow IT WAS HORRIBLE SCOTTISH SNOW which is much wetter! and although its warmer here it feels colder because of the damn wet wind! 
i think frostbite is eating my fingerless gloves! But im back home now i havnt told my family im back for christmas yet BUT il suprise them on christmas eve!
the swedish celebrate christmas on christmas eve! fact

a couple pages i did during the FEZ PROS workshop, these two sketches were a bit too detailed to print so i redid one last minute that would print well it came out pretty nice although it was getting to be a rush toward the end! but joakim and hanna pulled it up man woman!

15 Dec 2009

This was the letter i left for johannes! My filmstar flat mate white korean with pony tail attached. IT PRETTY MUCH SAYS!  Sorry Johannes for being a silly billy! my mind is overwhelmed with WANDERLUST and i cant help but leave! But on the bright side you can stay free anytime in england! and also Berlin if i end up moving there after christmas!  FOR MORE HELP CLICK REASONS AND DESIRES

12 Dec 2009

creep creep creep i left the house at 6:45,          MANY THINGS were left but i kept my brain intact infact! Im pretty sure the further il go the better it will get, IT FEEDS ON TIME, IT KNOWS EVERYTHING ALREADY i just dont know anything because im unconscious of it!

Il miss this place its not a cave of a room because i have 2 doors . ITS MORE OF A JOURNEY IN A ROOM ! all rooms should have two doors so they are journeys and not caves, JUST LOOK AT BIRDS they dont even have a fucking roof its so they can look at the stars all night! This bird left another nest because he built it next to a construction site that is currently chopping the local trees down.


 sorry palmrose il see you in the next backyard kung fu film video sale! perhaps i can live with you again

11 Dec 2009

put on some loud music KEEP THE FUCKERS UP he said! yes this british fox in a coop of swedish hens!
LANDET it was called a nice little bar in telefonplan where i live. Iv been going to gigs there lately by myself not drinking but pen in hand waiting for odd words , conversations and images. A girl writes on my sketchbook, AR DET HAR MIN LAT? yes it probably does mean ARE YOU A TWAT? but i dont care its only ink on the blank page to me which can set me off on a mind storm, Then i handed my book to peter the DJ but his awareness of me watching him draw and  djing with tapes at the same time was too much! So i took captain of my own ship, draw write

10 Dec 2009


                   drowning in this lake of illusion
                   breathing in the forms that feed the confusion,
                                    abstraction of content,
                                    a constant persuasion,

                   Twinkle "a" Sprinkle 
                   of sweet life creation

9 Dec 2009

the other day i was at kaffe 44! i picked up an amazing free zine , called dealing with distractions an insight into the cop 15 happening from the 11th till 18th of december. This weekend i will attempt to hitchike there by truck , IL WAIT outside the DHL delivery place hoping that someone will be heading towards malmo the city that connects sweden to denmark. Once im there i hope theres a couch i can sleep on or somewhere ! i will take a mango my mam bought me today in a swedish market some paper some pens and unfortunatly with out friends but im sure i can make some while im there! THEN from copenhagen i will try to hitch a lift through germany to berlin or perhaps i will take a boat to newcastle where my mam lives .... mabie il make it home for christmas in time to give my sister THE FEZ PROS zine! and her eyes can eat colours beyond her colour palette .
the hairy sausages are the big cheeses- the sausages us - the meat the army - the animal is our country
and the fat is our money applefuckers

thoughts after trees in my head were cut down 

i dont think this a world for free love, because everyone must believe it with one mind, but everyone will take their views on it differently, only in a place where we all thinkt along the same lines could it exhist. you defnitly have to laugh and enjoy because its not pretty...... but i guess we can make it so but as humans we can make anything beautiful , i guess thats the amazing thing about us,love in the same sex for example that we used to see as wrong, or even horrifying things we make beautiful through film, i wonder if there is evil or good . But the main thing about free love is pure forgiveness, in most religions it plays a huge role that is true , forgiveness is what free love is, loving someone even though they have done bad things or hurt you, and that is the impossible thing to truly forgive because we are given with the choice but we often fall to our emotions, which is a good thing because that is what makes us so frail and gentle, but i guess as well as the cause for such beautiful things its the cause of such violence,true immaterial ugly things, perversions of our minds like porn. Its so hard to forgive sometimes but once i have truly forgiven, those emotions let me become overwhelmed with happiness.

6 Dec 2009

get away, far away, find a way, apply the keys that generate the place you stay
my feral like friends elle and her boy-fried have made a beautiful zine! and the next ones theme is sci-fi.
Elle has a mind of constant creation, her artwork reminds me of popcorn enjoying a british seaside holiday with fabs melting across their chubby faces. My favourite man viking Joakim did a piece below too both last minute and late as usual!
 I have in my possession a giant icecream advertisement that i will stick lights in to light up my bulbless room! it will also befriend my burger van menu !

4 Dec 2009


At medborplatsen while at a demonstration i met a somalian.
his first words to me were, DONT LOOK AT ME OR IL FIGHT YOU
so i looked back at my drawing, pen to paper. only then did he speak !
He told me his life story a man from east london who was once a captain
in the somalian army, promised riches in England he left to try the life.
He had kids and a family, but his wife left him and took the kids. So he
left for a fresh start in sweden, BUT he was drunk and kept telling me

on a happy note i also speculated a dog constantly through the manifesto following
the gentle gestures of a womans fingers, thoroughly pleased in life to follow such simple things

3 Dec 2009

tea breaks in telefonplan . . . .  could it get any cooler?

a while back i met a warrior in the metro station! an amazonian infact who broke the laws of iron in the stockholm underground. Instead of looking away, head down, speachless she arose to the challenge of socialising with strangers on a train! YES THIS WALL , THIS IMMATERIAL WALL HOWEVER UNPHYSICAL RESTRAINS US ALL! 

but little mi defeated it, and so today we met and spent the treasures of free socialising through colour
protect your throne king they are here to claim it once again!