29 Oct 2009

I did this yesterday for Tysk, A murkypare causing havok in the Tysk house,
I dont have many pens yet but i bought an expensive set from stockholm, with 6 colours 14 qid mate :/
And my paper cost the same, i have to get onto ebay! and learn the local language, a mix between tick tacks and pluck plocks. Today i awake to a swedish feast of rich smoothies nuts berries , and some wierd foreign device that slices cheese at magical angles to create even slices :o
Its haloween soon,  i thought id be a foreign immigrant but mabie thats too easy so now wev voted that im a bank robber! Tysk came up with a good description of the underground this morning, A PLACE THAT ONCE YOU STEP OVER THE METAL GUARDS A VOW OF SILENCE IS TAKEN, THOU SHALL NOT SPEAK TO THY NEIGHBOUR

stand down your principality , hide that you are free, look at how they control you with technology

27 Oct 2009

Fish Tank, Lullaby , with garden state dreams

sitting listening to sufjan stevens , friends papers and pens, eating felafel with plants and the fruits of old swedish trees cooked by mothernature, sharing past time people and memories, my inspiration to draw flowing back...........i hope
TOMORO il buy a tove jansson book and dream of buying cheap pens, when the reality is il buy ones made from plastic with the prices of gold......but theyl say made in sweden on them so i can show them off to all my 7 friends..... but they are the best friends to have and the only ones i have :)

Alas a skull ! With a garden for a head and a young woman cutting the grass and a motherfucking shed :o  and they are nowhere else than the exclusive castro castle , yes a finished thing i did before i left a bit more skrappy than intended but i was in a rush packing,

i will stop updating with old pieces as soon as i can find my pen

o yes and the piece in the last post below is a finished pieced that is not yet up on the streets!
with a colaboration by no less than malarkington , the dog ofcourse, the classic trade mk
it didnt take us long, just a rainy night a few pens and the company of carlo jamming some smooth love onto paper
WHY EAT THEM WHEN YOU CAN USE THEM TO FLY! Iv survived 5 days living like a small squirrel ,   today a wonderfull story,  concealed in an exibition inside the great and fearsome CULTURE HOUSE of stockholm , a giant cube of a building mostly composed of art ' i ' types and lengths of escalators.  People flow in and out consuming their eyes with new ideas and inspiration of new ideals.
ALESSANDRA SANGUINETTI was her name, a jounalist and photographer who tells a love story of two children to adult hood. Something real that hits you hard with both sadness and joy.
       A cafe! WHERE THE TEA IS LIMITLESS and the salad might aswell be too! And on the silver dragons home inspiration to hang up our own ADBUSTING , sliding paper and pens through the advert spaces that lye just above your heads as you sit!
                                                                                 Yes this must be done! to make silent talk!

26 Oct 2009

a birthday fit for a friend, today winding electrical tapes on white screens. Memories recreated and relocated to remember forever........a silver disc .....a fine tribute to a friend. BATTLES of cakes brought in by the three wise women of the north . and a small white canine with fur that matches weather yet to come, ....................snowfall in late november

25 Oct 2009

Triumphant! marching around cement soggy with the dews of sweden, traveling on metalic dragons with  other vikings to reach the valhalla of stockholm. Today the warriors did not get lost and did not run into daemons on their way. Instead they reached valhalla a place full of clothings worn more than once sold for greater prices than they were bought for, The only wild game sold by traveling turkish warriors from the south east, a stick of meat that is cut vertically by a magic sword that needs no human might to slice through any tough skin,
          My eyes however are monotonously revisited by the numbers, SEVEN ELEVEN and the letters A-YCH AND EMM again some cult folowing where the followers wait outside from 8am for the opening at 10am

I have bought some extremely thin wood and colour to start some drawing!
THIS is a paste up carlos did in collaboration with my skull, i only did the dancers in the middle, what a smart beargami tribute i see gliding in the background

24 Oct 2009

Fuck you branding, this ones mine
Curtains adorned with the patterns of the earths floor viewed by eagles native to stockholm.
stairs that echo a pitter patter as you glide down them , of which the swedish themselves can only achieve , i can only say my northern clumping does not make such majestic sounds. The worst sound youl get out of a swedish person is a ' plunk ' or  ' tlunk 'not to be mistaken for the clunk which is actually a more of a western american sound and is probably in their more majestic catelogue of sounds.
There is an abundance of instruments draped across the walls like 3d wall paper.
       Iv been living as a vegan untill i broke it and ate a cheese pizza today, but i made it as a vegetarian.
I woke up with leaves saying hello through my little square window, and ate berrys and nuts most of the day living like a small furry animal, We visited manda, where i can only say i speculated , Black communal family soul singing, but was in sweden and was a very happy and beutifull experience for me.
People lay down 20 to a bed, singing, whispering swedish secrets, And as we left a tear from the eye of Klarious the little elf who kindly took me in, who is very nice, modest and whose good deeds will probably catch up sometime if they already havnt,

i havnt had much time to draw, iv been out the loop, il try discepline myself tomoro, its hard to scan the plugs here take about one british plug and so its hard with only one access to the infinite world of electricity lines. Heres a paste up i did before i left with carlos and carlos has one coming up il put on which is amazing and had a little colab by me too.
I also did one with malarky too which was very speedily done mabie an hour or 2?

23 Oct 2009

IN STOCKHOLM and i already want godzilla to turn up and ruin the countryside here,
Which is a constant battle between Boulder and tree, one boulder obviosly easily killing about 5 trees before it crumbles, There is nothing here, o wonder everybody lives in stockholm,
Outside it everybody lives in little red huts, like the farmyards youd see in the looneytunes only with a saturation of GREYSCALE and a hint of green now and then, I did see a dash of colour.
A giant yellow M , i believe this to be some sort of cult the swedish follow,
          As for money THIS CUP OF TEA COST ME 3 QID LEEEK whats that about? and its not even tea THEY had an assortment of such and i picked GOLDENTEA...... you would! and it tastes like 1 part milk 4 parts water but i drowned it in sunlight and now im photosynthesising!

22 Oct 2009

YEs this cafe is beutifull, although the music makes me feel like a polar bear trapped in crystals in space in 2012 after the world has crumbled into a network of atmosphere bubbles containing the elements of each continents environments,
    The friendlyness of a large continents people due south of middle eastern truobles, surprises me alot, it is as if strangers had known eachother for many years. I keep seeing african strangers walk in to drink herbal tea and talk friendily unlike stangers in england , although im scared of the lands political unrest seeing photos of what i can say as genocide, armed gangsters wearing army uniforms shooting at people with sticks running in the opposite direction, in ghana

Drinking miso soup in cafe of waiters that if given an order immediately transform the correct food into other incorrect but surprisingly surprisefull and tasty good food! im drinking tea without sugar which i guess is alot better than kasumi making me a diabetic by poisoning my tea with wild sugars,

21 Oct 2009

     Going to see a band called something dinosaur and dan akroyd tonight!

easy motherfucker!............   easy...

Franson and kane box, siting in the cluny, CHINESE JAPANESE CHILLIN IN HISTORIES!

20 Oct 2009

From england to sweden, I met a few zombies in the pub today watching some football, zombie not going to turn unless you tell them to turn, zombie not going to stop unless you tell them to stop, zombie not going to think unless you tell them to think. Go and die go and kill, Zombies going our way

Inside the box i sent to  Dizel and Sate, photos in my forest of a garden

                                                                                                                                                                     katies present wrapped up! A GOLDEN MONKEY FEARED BY ALL NATIVE VILLAGES, WITH SIGHT BEYOND SIGHT!
including the new tubelord album and a photo no doubt representing a western in the taj mahal,

19 Oct 2009

A skull garden i made while doing the paste up, NEVER SPEND TOO LONG IN A AQUARIUM SHOP or a model shop! theres things to buy that catch your eye and you never have enough to spend!

C*%$£ and A@$%&* studio! and an update on the paste although it is finished now and carlos has finished a skull too to acompany mine, Lets hope i dont get caught before my roots settle in stockholm
A moose not a deer iv sent to chevychase in stockholm! dont trust the royal chainmail!
Some asian kids ate my breakfast this morning so i drew them! they also made my cereal 3 pointed squares

17 Oct 2009

a new unfinished pastey done in carlos and Crazy andys studio in BYKER GROVE! il post the finished , although i may destroy it with colour

16 Oct 2009

Iv got photoshop now! so i can edit my silly mobile photos more! Heres the piece i did with the lads at the baltic!
And a recent paste up , the last one i did before i left
cheltenham! Made from old christmas wrapping paper
FOUND in the bottom of cams and kasumis underwear
drawer!.... and kindly donated.........:/

Some screen prints i did a while ago of hanna andersons Rainboliatrics Pen lolly pops....................................

11 Oct 2009

Some things done with Malary Otick
Carlos and some other guys i respectivly have forgoten, free food ,drink wierd break dancing ,
Organised by MR ROSE ATTI

i found this beut in a book filled with
jelly about stories of the baba yaga
and other worldly things
I think another song is in order..

Done while traveling with Gepetto through camden ! and finished while traveling to see Kasumi in cheltonia, I painted on some a5 flyers that i found in the club Rainboliatric was held and pieced them together! Socialist dawing,

7 Oct 2009

POST ROCK............


Iv been reading this, and the illustrations are amazing :o

i want to do some illustrations about erised and nosaer
on their big adventures, the song that is aromatic duck
on geppeto silvers page,...................... i have to tell joe
to do a song about the BABA YAGA
i drew this last night after getting a call from the BOO CREW,
they are organising an event that raises money for the homeless , so artists are
brought together and all draw on a4 cardboard that is found, the drawings
are sold for 40 qid so its CHEAP ART how it should be, and its a good cause
CARDBOARD......nice ......brown............textures
i put some sneaky words in of my own and a poem about love by yeats