20 Dec 2009

the week i did this i felt like a tourist for the first time in stockholm, my mam came to visit for a short time, her legs are small and it took us soooo long to walk around stockholm. we managed to get to the VASSA museum, the ship was beautiful , but its history pretty boring ....the ship set sail for about 20 mins and started to sink because it was buily wrongly by the ship master who died before he even got to see it sail! or not sail as how it was. I will be updating old images for a while as iv left my scanner at Klaras swedish house of family tradition along with all my other possessions like the burger menu thats lit up or the icecream cone advertisement the size of myself! iv just brushed my teeth with green glitter, dribbled it down my top to stain its plain appearance and im now watching the christmas tree protect my presents with its magic glow! THE SWEDISH KING SENDS US GIFTS EVERY YEAR, A GREEN CONIFEROUS PLANT, THAT WE SET AFLAME WITH ELECTRICITY
nesta mariatorget

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  1. Jam, this is DOPE! I emailed you one of my new bits of music the other day.Meow.