9 Dec 2009

thoughts after trees in my head were cut down 

i dont think this a world for free love, because everyone must believe it with one mind, but everyone will take their views on it differently, only in a place where we all thinkt along the same lines could it exhist. you defnitly have to laugh and enjoy because its not pretty...... but i guess we can make it so but as humans we can make anything beautiful , i guess thats the amazing thing about us,love in the same sex for example that we used to see as wrong, or even horrifying things we make beautiful through film, i wonder if there is evil or good . But the main thing about free love is pure forgiveness, in most religions it plays a huge role that is true , forgiveness is what free love is, loving someone even though they have done bad things or hurt you, and that is the impossible thing to truly forgive because we are given with the choice but we often fall to our emotions, which is a good thing because that is what makes us so frail and gentle, but i guess as well as the cause for such beautiful things its the cause of such violence,true immaterial ugly things, perversions of our minds like porn. Its so hard to forgive sometimes but once i have truly forgiven, those emotions let me become overwhelmed with happiness.

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