9 Dec 2009

the other day i was at kaffe 44! i picked up an amazing free zine , called dealing with distractions an insight into the cop 15 happening from the 11th till 18th of december. This weekend i will attempt to hitchike there by truck , IL WAIT outside the DHL delivery place hoping that someone will be heading towards malmo the city that connects sweden to denmark. Once im there i hope theres a couch i can sleep on or somewhere ! i will take a mango my mam bought me today in a swedish market some paper some pens and unfortunatly with out friends but im sure i can make some while im there! THEN from copenhagen i will try to hitch a lift through germany to berlin or perhaps i will take a boat to newcastle where my mam lives .... mabie il make it home for christmas in time to give my sister THE FEZ PROS zine! and her eyes can eat colours beyond her colour palette .
the hairy sausages are the big cheeses- the sausages us - the meat the army - the animal is our country
and the fat is our money applefuckers

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