24 Dec 2009

me and Malarkee P went to the back of the baltic and spraypainted this althought its alot bigger mark hasnt finished outlining his snow man feeding me jelly so il post the final one up as soon as hes finished.
We used the dregs of the cans malarkee had so every colour has a different shade, mind you i cheated alot by outlining in pen ! but im not a children of the can , my skills arnt good enough. im not sure i felt my character, but my hands were cold and i couldnt feel anything anyway! So much snow snow! and its time to go go

I  suprised my family today! i just visited them on christmas eve at 11pm, they didnt know id be back in the country ......i crept into the house dressed as santa!........ i did scare my family more than suprise them.
my cat opal brought me a mouse present, thanks cat. as i put the mouse in the bin i saw a shooting star on christmas eve ! iv been creativly lacking again

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  1. this is so sick man.


    see you in Berlin.