28 Dec 2009

i woke up this morning to my feline four legged friend opal, she pawed my door open and curled to sleep on my back like a deer in a warm forest. iv found some memories of stockholm some last photos i took of stockholm and a magical shaman mask. and some other things i found, like a burger menu that lit up and an giant icecream advertisement i want to make into a light, the photo is the last one i took of stockholm before snow

'our winter season was here'
The  seasons    unfolded   the   trees, 
the   cities   grew   white  rose   skin, 
and the people dressed in tinted lips,
through  the  windows i saw her face,
my limbs  stretched   out to embrace,
but      in     the     steamy    windows  
her   footsteps   left  untraced.............

1 comment:

  1. Happy new year! :))
    show me your small town paper and your costume :D
    i like the idea of traveling illustrator, its cool!
    if you dont use computers then how will we make the collaboration work between us? ha ha lol :D

    just one silly Q: why are you so obsessed with the words desire and reason? ;)))))

    'our winter season was here' is nice.
    you wrote it yourself?