21 Dec 2009

I stole a piece of art today, it was from the baltic today..........thats the tate for the geordies! < people from newcastle, it was a wonderfull piece but i couldnt afford it due to the monopoly of christmas. So i cold heartidly took it withot paying THE SNOW MUST HAVE FROZEN MY HEART 
The print was done by SERIPOP they are inspiring and amazing!!!!! JUST CHECK OUT THAT OLDSCHOOL ANIMATION!i hope my finding didnt hurt their profit sales too much it was selling for 50 and was a bit grubby but the design totally worth it....
but if you see this and hate me mabie i can give you some money personally :) if you let me collaborate

so wev been painting again behind the Sage thats a big building just behind me when i took this photo!
you can see some of the grafiti on the wall below and one is my piece although not as good  


  1. oh-my-god.
    im really really really sorry.
    now i remember!!!
    man, i was so silly...

    are you here? are you OK? hows your head? :((
    feeling any better?
    we could do a collaboration like you say!!!!!

    ps: im listening to your erised and nosaer! :D
    write to me ok!

  2. no, wait a min, im not that silly!
    i know now, about this erised and nosaer, hahaha, you clever, of course it's your blog a.k.a desire and reason!!!!!!

    see? im smart :D LOL