9 Nov 2009

a picture i left behind, the only creation i can do is for others at the moment,
i need to get rid of my silly draw block , IT DOESNT EXHIST!
but i found a wonderfull book about spiders! il post it up soon.

so im leaving this cave tonight! its been a creative heaven for my soul even though iv had a pen block!!!
GOOD BYE TO THE GIANTS WHO LIVE IN THIS CAVE THANK YOU FOR LETTING THIS GOBLIN STAY! I move to my place in TELEFONPLAN get in son! time to litter the streets with words and paint the street canvas with colour! goodbye goobaning or however you spell your wonderfull name

1 comment:

  1. brilliant matey, just brilliant... one of your finest flicks! This block is craziness if this is whats coming out... if this is the standard, i've always had a block!

    I quit my job. I blame you!