26 Nov 2009

the last week i have spent away in another land! a dream bubble utopia ! where the water filtering system was a connection of ponds, which in summer left safe havens for breeding frogs covering the near mountains with ten green legs! The forests were lush greens, with everlasting nooks and crannies but with night fall at three you better get a move on before the masked reds get you!
I stayed with a norse girl. who sold fruits outside her room and meditated with her neighbours, 

She was a FRUITARIAN..... yes at night she grew wings and stole children from trees, only to feast on their small bodies in the morning in a smoothie. And later she left their skins to fertile her land!
But being a fruitarian for a week wasnt so  bad infact it felt very good and refreshing indeed and i find it a struggle to argue not to be one! 
Despite her habits of eating plant children we grew very close and explored new spiritual paths together.
I lost my head a little before i came but i found it there and i feel more clear minded even though iv forgotten a lot of our philosophical debates

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