30 Nov 2009

Im not sure what malarko was trying to write in swedish but i got it translated RAV KLIPPA ROKEN PORBUP and it means something like a sneaky fox in the shadow .
Thanks for finishing this 2 months after it was started :) so hopefully wel see this up soon in the Toon.
I spent part of the day drawing with my argentinian communist friend, i got some silly pastes done a little writing and general creating under the heavy glow of darkness and the sounds of stoner woodstock.

lets see what tomorrow brings

1 comment:

  1. Fox in the shadow. Boom, thats where it lurks, get your skin it will, but waiting for the right'un, just for full effect!

    2 months, we busy boys! not a lad of leisure like yourself... or have lightning pen work... mr could he do a sketchbok in a day? course he could!