18 Nov 2009

Iv been very disciplined this week in many aspects, waking up with healthy food, practising the sungreeting in yoga, and following my vegetarian habit well! although i need to lay down guidlines to make or break. So this was done in the subway as usual, and today 2 girls knitting in the subway. And before that 2 girls came up and started talking to me out of nowhere defeating the barriers that are placed round all big cities perhaps it was alcohol or perhaps the start of the public defeat of the BIG "O"

dorians wool is over my eyes,
now is the only time i know,
but tomorrow is forever,

il reappear,
il crack those golden eggs
and throw away the shells,
i am the charioteer,
the reign
tightly gripped

i control my reasons and desires,
but my arms they grow tired,
sometimes i want to let go,
and my thoughts all rewire,

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