27 Oct 2009

WHY EAT THEM WHEN YOU CAN USE THEM TO FLY! Iv survived 5 days living like a small squirrel ,   today a wonderfull story,  concealed in an exibition inside the great and fearsome CULTURE HOUSE of stockholm , a giant cube of a building mostly composed of art ' i ' types and lengths of escalators.  People flow in and out consuming their eyes with new ideas and inspiration of new ideals.
ALESSANDRA SANGUINETTI was her name, a jounalist and photographer who tells a love story of two children to adult hood. Something real that hits you hard with both sadness and joy.
       A cafe! WHERE THE TEA IS LIMITLESS and the salad might aswell be too! And on the silver dragons home inspiration to hang up our own ADBUSTING , sliding paper and pens through the advert spaces that lye just above your heads as you sit!
                                                                                 Yes this must be done! to make silent talk!

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