25 Oct 2009

Triumphant! marching around cement soggy with the dews of sweden, traveling on metalic dragons with  other vikings to reach the valhalla of stockholm. Today the warriors did not get lost and did not run into daemons on their way. Instead they reached valhalla a place full of clothings worn more than once sold for greater prices than they were bought for, The only wild game sold by traveling turkish warriors from the south east, a stick of meat that is cut vertically by a magic sword that needs no human might to slice through any tough skin,
          My eyes however are monotonously revisited by the numbers, SEVEN ELEVEN and the letters A-YCH AND EMM again some cult folowing where the followers wait outside from 8am for the opening at 10am

I have bought some extremely thin wood and colour to start some drawing!
THIS is a paste up carlos did in collaboration with my skull, i only did the dancers in the middle, what a smart beargami tribute i see gliding in the background

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