23 Oct 2009

IN STOCKHOLM and i already want godzilla to turn up and ruin the countryside here,
Which is a constant battle between Boulder and tree, one boulder obviosly easily killing about 5 trees before it crumbles, There is nothing here, o wonder everybody lives in stockholm,
Outside it everybody lives in little red huts, like the farmyards youd see in the looneytunes only with a saturation of GREYSCALE and a hint of green now and then, I did see a dash of colour.
A giant yellow M , i believe this to be some sort of cult the swedish follow,
          As for money THIS CUP OF TEA COST ME 3 QID LEEEK whats that about? and its not even tea THEY had an assortment of such and i picked GOLDENTEA...... you would! and it tastes like 1 part milk 4 parts water but i drowned it in sunlight and now im photosynthesising!


  1. £3?!

    whats the gen, hows your first 24hours?

  2. £3 tea don't compare to diabetes tea mate. and it was free. you big complainer. little toy houses - sounds like iceland. learnt how to say 'no mate i'm not fookin mexican' yet? xx