27 Oct 2009

Fish Tank, Lullaby , with garden state dreams

sitting listening to sufjan stevens , friends papers and pens, eating felafel with plants and the fruits of old swedish trees cooked by mothernature, sharing past time people and memories, my inspiration to draw flowing back...........i hope
TOMORO il buy a tove jansson book and dream of buying cheap pens, when the reality is il buy ones made from plastic with the prices of gold......but theyl say made in sweden on them so i can show them off to all my 7 friends..... but they are the best friends to have and the only ones i have :)

Alas a skull ! With a garden for a head and a young woman cutting the grass and a motherfucking shed :o  and they are nowhere else than the exclusive castro castle , yes a finished thing i did before i left a bit more skrappy than intended but i was in a rush packing,

i will stop updating with old pieces as soon as i can find my pen

o yes and the piece in the last post below is a finished pieced that is not yet up on the streets!
with a colaboration by no less than malarkington , the dog ofcourse, the classic trade mk
it didnt take us long, just a rainy night a few pens and the company of carlo jamming some smooth love onto paper

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