24 Oct 2009

Curtains adorned with the patterns of the earths floor viewed by eagles native to stockholm.
stairs that echo a pitter patter as you glide down them , of which the swedish themselves can only achieve , i can only say my northern clumping does not make such majestic sounds. The worst sound youl get out of a swedish person is a ' plunk ' or  ' tlunk 'not to be mistaken for the clunk which is actually a more of a western american sound and is probably in their more majestic catelogue of sounds.
There is an abundance of instruments draped across the walls like 3d wall paper.
       Iv been living as a vegan untill i broke it and ate a cheese pizza today, but i made it as a vegetarian.
I woke up with leaves saying hello through my little square window, and ate berrys and nuts most of the day living like a small furry animal, We visited manda, where i can only say i speculated , Black communal family soul singing, but was in sweden and was a very happy and beutifull experience for me.
People lay down 20 to a bed, singing, whispering swedish secrets, And as we left a tear from the eye of Klarious the little elf who kindly took me in, who is very nice, modest and whose good deeds will probably catch up sometime if they already havnt,

i havnt had much time to draw, iv been out the loop, il try discepline myself tomoro, its hard to scan the plugs here take about one british plug and so its hard with only one access to the infinite world of electricity lines. Heres a paste up i did before i left with carlos and carlos has one coming up il put on which is amazing and had a little colab by me too.
I also did one with malarky too which was very speedily done mabie an hour or 2?

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